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sea louth Workshop Event a Resounding Success

Louth County Council were delighted to host two wonderful sea louth workshops at The Glyde Inn in Annagassan on Wednesday, May 8th. They were a resounding success, attracting a full house of enthusiastic chefs and producers. The event, designed by the Economic Development and Tourism team to promote the sea louth scenic seafood trail and encourage collaboration among the area's culinary and hospitality professionals, exceeded expectations with its lively atmosphere and high attendance.

The morning began with a warm welcome from Conor and his team at The Glyde Inn, who provided freshly baked scones, tea, and coffee. Attendees were treated to an array of samplings from local producers, including Carlingford Oysters, Oriel Sea Salt, DC Lambay Crab and Lobster, and Cooley Oysters, showcasing the region's rich seafood offerings.

The first workshop, led by Julie O’Brien from Runda Hospitality and Tourism Solutions, was geared towards chefs and seafood producers. It focused on creating delectable dishes that highlight the best local produce and producers along the trail. The session concluded with a seafood sampling, where attendees got to taste the region's finest oysters and seafood products.

The second workshop targeted hospitality staff and those managing stamp collection points. This session centred on enhancing customer service skills and exploring effective ways to engage with visitors. Prior to the start of this workshop, guests enjoyed a delicious seafood chowder that was described as "simply moreish".

The workshops provided an excellent opportunity for networking, idea-sharing, and building a community of ambassadors for the sea louth trail. Attendees expressed their enthusiasm for the event, noting the positive energy and the chance to connect with fellow professionals.

"I had the pleasure of working with the sea louth team to organize the workshops. It was amazing to witness the excitement and enthusiasm in the room with all our passionate ambassadors for the sea louth Scenic Seafood Trail. The workshops were inspiring for everyone involved. We have some of the best produce, landscapes, and people in County Louth, and this trail showcases that. Don't forget to pick up your passport at any of the tourism offices in County Louth and come see, eat, and admire our stunning coastline." - Sabhbh Ní Mhaolagáin, Louth County Council Tourism Officer.

The sea louth scenic seafood trail, launched in June 2021, has quickly become a favourite among locals and visitors for its stunning coastline, unique landmarks, vibrant culture and delicious local seafood. The success of this workshop event further reinforces the importance of the trail and the community's commitment to promoting it.

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