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The quiet seaside village of Annagassan lies where the river Glyde meets the sea.  It has a rich Viking heritage and was once an important Viking settlement, known as Linn Duchaill.  Annagassan has a long stretch of beach and a charming harbour which are ideal spots to admire the natural beauty and sea views.  Nearby along the Strand Road you will also find Salterstown Pier which is flanked by a rocky beach.  Both beaches have wonderful views across Dundalk Bay to the Cooley Peninsula and Mourne Mountains.

Festivals/Events not to be missed:

Taste of Togher

“Sweet Annagassan that neat little village

Where some live by fishing and others by tillage,

‘tis often I walked it and rambled all o’er,

To see the ‘old salts’ as they came on the shore.”

By Master Kane & Pupils of Willistown N.S. (mid 1880’s)

Interesting Fact: Annagassan was the site of one of the first major Viking settlements in Ireland, taking over the Irish fort of Linns.  Carbon testing on trenches at a site in Annagassan in 2011 revealed it once housed a Viking winter base, one of only two in Ireland.  The other site went on to become Dublin!

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