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The unspoilt harbour of Gyles Quay is situated on the Cooley Peninsula, a place renowned for its Irish Mythology and stunning scenery.  Nestled at the foot of the Cooley Mountains this peaceful harbour is a haven for walkers and those who just want to slow down and enjoy the panoramic views of Dundalk Bay.  The caravan park, perched on an elevated site overlooking the beach, has long been a popular Summer escape for locals and visitors alike who love to relax and unwind.  Occasionally you might even be lucky enough to witness the wonderful work done by Seal Rescue Ireland on the beach as they release rescued seals back into the wild!


Festivals/Events not to be missed:

Dundalk Agricultural Show | All Ireland Poc Fáda

“Gentle lulling of the sea,

Once again you beckon me.

Caressing waves upon the shore

Transporting me to years of yore”

The Sea by Shirley Fudge

Interesting Fact:  Black Guillemot birds nest in tunnels which were built into the face of the harbour wall when it was being upgraded.  The birds had previously nested in cracks and hollows in the old wall.

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Gyles Quay Caravan Park

Gyles Quay, Riverstown, Dundalk.

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Sheelan's Shop

Mountbagnel, Riverstown, Dundalk.

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