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Dundalk Bay

Dundalk BAY

Dundalk Bay is place of natural beauty and a haven for wildlife and birds.  It is the single most important site in Ireland for migratory wading birds, is a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area.  The bustling town of Dundalk is situated where the Castletown River flows into the bay, and St. Nicholas Quarter in the town is home to not one, but two churches dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors.  You will discover lovely pathways and boardwalks as you meander along the riverside estuary and intertidal flats which stretch from the Newry Road, along the Navvy Bank to Soldiers Point.  Here you will find a bronze sculpture of Manannan, the Celtic God of the Sea, set against the spectacular landscape of the Cooley Peninsula.  Dundalk Port at George’s Quay is a great place to see the daily comings and goings of ships and boats, and maybe stumble across a unique watering hole!


Festivals/Events not to be missed:

Seek Urban Arts Festival | Louth Contemporary Music Festival |Táin March | Frostival 

“I stood upon the Cooley Hills and down below me lay,

That lovely part of County Louth which lies round Dundalk Bay,

It’s a place that’s rich in history and natures beauty too,

And it’s friendly generous people are to faith and homeland true.”

“The Cooley Hills” quote from “Pléaráca Dhún Dealgan” (Humours of Dundalk) by Seamas Mac Seáin

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Dundalk Tourist Office

Market Square, Dundalk.

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Panama Coffee

Market Square, Dundalk.

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Dundalk Library

Roden Place, Dundalk.

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County Museum

Joceyln St, Dundalk.

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