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Carlingford Oyster Company

On a misty morning in the late 1960’s Peter Louët- Feisser sailed into Carlingford Lough on a wooden yacht, built with his own hands, accompanied by his wife Anna. He was enchanted by the Loughs natural beauty and seduced by the allure of the Irish way of life. Always attracted by the sea, he was inspired in 1974 to begin growing oysters. The next generation are now following in the footsteps of Peter, with his son Kian and daughter in law Mary building on that romantic notion from 1974. The family run company, situated in the heart of Carlingford Lough, produces 2,500,000 Irish Rock
Oysters annually.

The unique sweet taste and high meat content of the Carlingford Oyster is one of nature’s real treasures. The flow of Carlingford Lough’s grade-A waters helps shape each oyster into a perfect tear-drop shape with a very strong shell and smooth pearly white enamel. The oysters feed from the naturally occurring plankton and unique mix of local minerals which flow down from the
mountain streams to produce their distinctive taste, texture and colour. This is as natural and pure as food can be!

These award winning oysters are exported daily to the U.K., Italy, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & China and can be found on the menus of some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants.

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